Sunday, November 15, 2009

Happy Saturday!!

My weekend is going to end and the brand new days are going to begin. *sigh*

I am going to post my weekend outing with my friends and family. My uncle and cousins was coming back yesterday, I am gay with that. However, the happiest thing is that, I have the chance to eat MCD yesterday. Why I am so gay about it? This is simply because I have hunger for it since the last 2 days. 心动不如行动!Thus, about 12.30pm my friends and I meet at the newly built MCD restaurant which located at MBO. But, I was late due to the parking place; there is no parking for me at all. *faint*

At last I found one at the very-far-parking place. *faint again* I need to walk pretty long distance to the destination. (But actually not, because there is a short cut for it. *faint faint*) .When I reached there, I had ordered some food and start my meal. Had some conversation with them since there is less time hangs out with my friend (not you, Jennifer. *laughing*). Later on, we made a visit to our secondary school- St. David high school. But sadly, the guard not allowed us to go in at all, freaking angry with her. I think she is lazy to open the door there and then, she is soooooo LAZY!!! *angry*
As a result, we end up hanging around in my house. We were chit chatting for the whole evening, laughing and also gossip. (My favourite part) I am very gossipy har? *evil laugh*
Around 6pm, they went back their home since they have activities at night. *sob*

You think this is the end of my day?

NOPE!!! Totally NO…

About 7.30pm, we went Jonker walk with my aunty and cousins. There is nothing to see and buy actually, but since my aunty is from KL, so we brought her there. Jonker is fully packed with tons of people yesterday, so damn crowded. *faint* I met my cousin there and he is difference now. I haven’t seen him for 2 years, and many things had changed I can tell you. He changed a lot, getting taller and taller and of course more mature than last time. The most exaggerated is that, he is much taller than me now. I think he is 170cm now and he is just form 2. OMG! I am so embarrass when he called me “jie jie” since I am much shorter than him. What his secret to be tall? The answer given by him is SWIMMING!! WTH!! I am swimming too, why I am still so short? I think it is their family gene. Am I right? Maybe….

Okay, stop crap about the height of my cousin. Aunty had bought the Taiwan fried chicken, “ma zi” and “mian mian bing” (ice blended)

"Mian Mian Bing" (ice blended)

Waiting for the Taiwan fried chicken.

Taiwan fried chicken. The taste was so salty and nice!! It is so
"Ma Zi" Taste nice!!! Good!
My aunty and mommy chit chatting...

We were so full after the journey (?) in jonker. *laughing* we had eaten a lot of FOOD!!! We were simply blissful after the journey in jonker. Yeah!!

Oh yeah! Guess who I saw in jonker??
That right? She is one of my friends who went out with me this afternoon. Miss Vicky!!!

After a short walk, we went back to our sweet house again.
The journey (??) in jonker was so damn happy, because it is my family outing. I am so gay about it!! we should go the next time together. *laughing*

PS: tomorrow going to have discussion with friends. This is so boring….I hate doing assignment!!! Why should we have Cyber P?? Why should we do business plan?? Why should we all this stuff???

LECTURER: for your own good!!!

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