Saturday, November 28, 2009

DAY 1 without mom!! =P

Day 1- mom off for vacation

How we settle our FOOD??
FOOD! I need you.
Sis had bought Mc Donald for the whole day.
Pretty smart huh! However, I just ate half of it, simply because I went out with my aunt for dinner and brunch.
About 6pm, I went to play badminton with my friends; it is so tiring yet fun. It’s been so long since my last game with them, love the moment when we hit each other hardly, pretty fun with them.

After the game, I went back my aunt’s house to have a shower then continue our shopping mood. We went night market at MALIM (quite far for me actually). When we reached there, rain started to drizzle. We are so unlucky; many stalls were busy packing up. So, we end up for our dinner. (Sad) however, when we finished the food, rain STOP! Argh!! What to do? We are so unlucky.

Have Taiwan Chicken at there, the chicken was so nice but it is salty at the end.
(No photo provided)

After our dinner and night market, we went Giant to have some vegetable for tomorrow (?). Erm, I mean today. =P

PS: I am having some muscle pain now. This is really aching!!

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