Monday, November 16, 2009


My schedule for today was fully utilized. I feel so tired now and have no strength to update my blog anymore. However, I will still update for today schedule. About 1pm, we were having our discussion for the cyber P as I mentioned yesterday. I totally confused about the project which we need to complete in 2 weeks. Freaking out with that!! We have no solution for today again. Oh gosh!! Give us some idea please, I need IDEA please! *fainting*

After our discussion, we went to find our lecturer to ask some question about the project. The lecturer was so good, she taught us the way of doing this project and she is not as fierce as we thought. She is really good and friendly lecturer. Thank for some idea.

4pm. I went for the BMC (communication management) tutorial class. We had toast master every tutorial session, this is so damn nervous. From starting to the end, I was so nervous. However, today the lecturer didn’t call me at all. Phew~
But tomorrow will my turn for sure. I am so nervous now! GOD, help me!

6pm for BQT tutorial class. Nothing happened at all. I am quite good in this class. *evil laugh*

About 6.30pm, we went Ixora food court for our dinner, chit-chatting with my friends. this is quite fun as usual.

Later that is our chess club interview session, I am so nervous for that. However, I end with laughter. They are so funny, especially the “bao za tou” case. The guy was so innocent, but his hair really “bao za tou”, damn funny. I know it is bad to laugh others, but this simply so funny. I can’t stop myself from laughing. I am sorry ya!

This is what I have for today, rather boring and tired right?

PS: Tomorrow I will have toast master for my BMC tutorial. I am nervous now! I hope the question will be easier. Hope so~

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