Tuesday, November 24, 2009

*Good morning*

Good morning everyone, a brand new day is arrived!! Today is a frosty day again; I guess most of them are still sleeping in their comfortable bed and enjoying their sleep right now. Am I right? So, why I am so early today? (I am not so early person actually)Why I am so early? Why? Because I slept about 11 hours from last night, pretty long right? I just way too tired yesterday and slept like 10pm sharp!! And I had a relaxed sleep last night!!

I love the weather now; it is so nice and cooling. Hope Malaysia will have this kind of weather for the whole year.

There is a term for good morning which I found in Google,
Guess what?

G-get up
O-open your eyes
O-out of your bed
D-day has risen

M-Merry life
O-old dream come true
R-rise shine
N-new fun
I-idea of life
N-nice future
G-Good day for you!!!

So, get up everyone and have good day!
Okay, I want to end my post by saying good morning everyone!!!

I have nothing to post actually,
My life is full of boredom and drama less.

Bye! *kiss*

PS: one month to Christmas!! I am so happy, because I love Christmas so much. *kiss*

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