Sunday, November 22, 2009

The "special" tea

I am hungry just now, so I went to my kitchen to find some food.
Guess what?
I found something interesting in my kitchen and I did not realize from the day we had this tea stuff.
That was so funny.
I was so surprise when I saw those teas is in my house.
I never drink before, so do my family I guess.
I am wonder is it effective? Or it is just a name of a tea?
If it is a name, then it would be very funny.

Okay, I think I crap a lot here, let’s show you guys the photo of the very “special” tea.

Tada!! The "special" tea ever, No worries and Dreamtime tea.
Isn't special?

If you guys have some problem or worries that need to be get rid of, try this for the sick of worries.

Who have this idea of making this kind of tea bag anyway? No worries?
Does it work? I also do not know.....

Another bag of tea for Dreamtime tea.
This is for those who like to day-dreaming, I guess...

Dreamtime tea??
Pretty insane actually.
Who might drink that tea?
I think the person is totally crazy.

I am very curious about those tea now, who bought it anyway??
Many question marks had appeared now!!!@.@
Pretty funny....*laughing*

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