Sunday, November 15, 2009

The easier way to play

Nowadays, many people seem like neglecting their pet society for a long time, nobody was active in this game anymore. However, I still in love with it, simply because they have many new theme for the room and the MOST important is that they had introduced ROBOT CLEANER for the pet.

WOW!! This simply make us save money (?) to buy the food and clean it.

But sadly this robot need battery to work with and those battery simply need real money to get it, as a result after 3 days of using FREE battery, my robot will not function at all. A waste har!

Now show you guy my pinky’s robot cleaner, it is so damn cute with the cleaner look.

Did you guy see the Robot Cleaner??

In a larger size...cute right??
Blue in colour...sweet!

The robot cleaner will make my pinky happy...

The robot cleaner will also bath for my pinky....

The robot cleaner even feed my pinky...
But the way he feed my pinky quite funny...*laughing*

This robot had made the game easier and save more time...


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