Sunday, November 29, 2009

Day 2 without mom =]

Day 2- mom off for vacation

Surprisingly today I woke up on time, coz usually I would wake up late rather than on time. I know it is kind of lazy, but somehow the lovely bed has waving his hand to me and asked me to go to sleep again. *faint* after I got up, done some dairy routine and start to have some entertainment as usual. (Watching television)

After a couple hours, the bed waved their hand to me again; I am rather tired after the early wake up. So, I waved back to them and had a nap until my brunch. Brunch again?? Yeah!! Simply because the late wake up after the nap. =P

As what my sis said.

My second mommy-aunt had cooked us a plate of spaghetti for our brunch. For your information, this is the second time my aunt cooked it. She really is a good cooker.

Today’s brunch was an England style I guess.
The spaghetti is so Q and soft. As what I watched people in the food recommendation show said that, to cook a plate of delicious spaghetti, the ketchup and the spaghetti must be stick together and not separate. And Aunt does so. Thus, her spaghetti is well-cooked. 10 out of 10!! Thumb up.
A plate of Spaghetti and a cup coffee. It is rather a good combination.

Our dinner also settled by my second mommy-aunt. She cooked lots of dishes for us including my cousins and uncle who came back from KL. They had come back again, I am so happy as usual. The dishes were well-cooked and it is nice! Super duper nice, especially the egg soup, though it is the simple dish ever yet it is hard to estimate it tastes. Am I right?

(No photo available again)

After the dinner, it’s time to gather as usual. Chit-chatting seems like a rule for us, not that serious one la.
What does these hand phones do with this post?
It is a birthday gift from my uncle to his wife.

When I heard this, my mind was full of OMG words. This is so OMGly sweet, how good if I have this kind of husband. Many present will be given, OMG!! It is so great! *day-dreaming*

While playing the phone, I told uncle that my birthday is coming soon, so do I have this hand phone? Absolutely NO!
He gave me ang pau for my birthday gift, thank anyway!
MONEY helps a lot. Hahaha…I am kinda "money face", I admit. =P

PS: mom will be back tomorrow, will she buy me something?? I am waiting and feel excited right now.

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