Sunday, November 29, 2009

Day 3 without mom

Day 3- mom off for vacation

As I mentioned yesterday, my uncle and cousins had came back to Melaka.

After the breakfast, we drove back to our home, and I started to do my Business plan stuff, that business plan had driving me crazy for so long. Hate it so much lor.

While I am drawing my plan, uncle invited me to have a Melaka one hour trip with them. I had accepted the invitation without any hesitates.

Now start with the trip,

A nice tricycle had started the trip, and it is the main purpose of having this trip.

This is damn freaking expensive, RM 20 for just 2 round?? WTH?? The tricycle really charged us more than we expected and it is a normal ride.

RM20 per ride. WTH?

Aunt, The cutiest Jun Jie and ME!! *wee*

A break for us to have some photo with those histories stuff, we have fun capturing photo.

The first airplane in Malaysia- 1994
The oldest train

The old type “BOMBA”

After that, we continue our ride to visit the whole history places such as red house (Is the real name in English?), Afamosa and also the clock tower.

The person stops us at the souvenir market and left. Uncle bought lots of clothes for his mother –in-law and cousins and he wanted to buy me one too, but I refused to accept it.

Pretty funny if I wear it, right? Malaccan wears a Melaka cloth?

We went the big ship later that.
This is really huge. I think it is the biggest ship I ever seen in my life though there are many ships in the world.
Enter ticket cost me RM1.
This is so CHEAP

Shoes are not allowed. SAD!
Souvenir for tourist.
The model of the ship. It is huge!
The telescope.3 big cannon beside me, I'm scare!
The treasure. This is so damn heavy. Jun Shen are trying to open it. *laughing*
The oldest money in Malaysia. There are many type of shape, how they going to differentiate?
Gun and cannon ball.
The captain room
People who care about the treasure, I guess.
The Prisoner. They lock all the prisoner. It is so damn cruel.

I'm the captain. WAHAHAHA...

Before going back home, uncle had bought us an ice-cream from drive thru. Finally I got to ordered something in drive thru. HAPPY

YUM! *licking finger*

PS: mom had got back from her vacation and she bought me T-shirt. I will post it in next post.

Good night! BYE! *kiss*

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