Wednesday, November 11, 2009


It’s been one week I did not update my pinky blog, simply because of my laziness. Okay, so what actually is Lydia doing this week? Guess what? I found something interesting in my drawer last few days, it’s been four years I put it inside my drawer. I am so sorry because I had abandoned it for so long. So, what is it? It is my long-time-no-see D.I.Y Cross Design. It is rather a simple yet need patient to complete it. When I started to do it, I feel like quitting this job; however I did not, simply because I wanted to show out my effort on what I am doing.
My long-time-no-see D.I.Y Cross Design which I had found in my drawer. Rather complcated right?The instruction book, or instruction paper which had taught me the way of doing it.The cloth with spot. I don't really know what is it actually. Sorry! orzA normal needle.Threat in many colours.
A bell with spring. Something like above.
Cotton which use to make it have the shape.

First, use the threat to stitch the shape of the rabbit (in my way is a rabbit shape).
After that, use black threat to shape it beautifully.
Thirdly, put some cotton in between the two cross stitch which had been done before that.
Later that, use others colour threat to combine it.
In the end, put the bell and DONE!
Still in progress.....
After stitch the shape with black threat. Two beautiful rabbit shape is done!
After 3 days.........
TADA!!! My cross stitch had done!
The front part with pink rabbit. Cute?
Back part with yellow rabbit. It is rather weird after put in some cotton.

After 4 years of abandoned it, I had finally done it in 3 days. It is rather happy because I had finally showed out my effort in doing something that I not used to do. *yeepi*
PS: finally I had something to blog on. Phew~

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