Thursday, November 19, 2009


Nowadays, I am so easily get angry on certain unimportant stuff, I extreme dislikes of being treated like a baby child and yet most of them do so. I know they are just kidding but I just do not know why I am so sensitive about it. I think I am having some stress or pressure on my studies or lack of sleep. However, you may make fun of me for my friends. I am not angry with it, just no mood to give you guys’ response. Sorry for being so nerd today. I know it is abnormal when I shut my month and keep quiet; I am too noisy most of the time. =P

My midterm is around the corner; In fact it is on Saturday. What am I going to do? I didn’t study at all and it is a math paper, I hate math paper. Although math is very important is our life, but it simply hard to achieve high mark. I think this paper will lead my mark low; I am so scared of it. There is many things came in a sudden, such as cyber P assignment, debate, midterm and also our final exam!

Lydia is freaking out right now! @.@

I just feel l am stress right now, many things haven’t done by me yet. Am I going to finish all this stuff in 1 week time? I think I will faint after all this stuff has done; I know it is too exaggerated. *laughing* But it is true, Cyber P assignment had cracked our brain. It is hard to do!! Not enough of money…. I am getting crazy right now…

Hope everything will be done before the due date. I need to pray hard from now on…

Got to go…

PS: stop being so EMO Lydia!!! Laugh as loud as you want girl….*laughing*

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