Saturday, November 21, 2009


Okay, since everyone is curious about my previous post, now I am going to do some explanation about that. For the extreme dislikes part, I do dislike people treat me like a baby child BUT not for my friends. Thus, my lovely friends do not misunderstand about that. I know you guys are playing with me of course. Please do not misunderstand. Many of my friends were so curious about that and started to worry about me, I am not angry. This is a very sincere talk, so don’t worry la wey.

I am normal now, don’t worry my dear friends. That post is written about people who do not know well about me and teased me without reason. I hate that, and not the one from my friends. Okay? Dear friends, you guys are the lovely one I know. *evil laugh* I am neither angry nor mad about it.

Currently, I had just finished my mid-term exam. This paper is going to killed me soon. I am so worry about the answer and my friend too. I had done my best; hope GOD will do the rest. Just hope…

Stop crap about my mid-term now.
I hate exam so much. Erm, who will like it anyway, maybe lecturer will like it, because they can “bar” anyone they like…seem like so scary right? *evil laugh*

We had planned for our “after exam gathering”, but due to some problem, it had been cancelled. I am so sad about it, because I wanted to watch 2012 for so long and now the plan was cancelled. *sob* I want to watch 2012 guys!! Who want to watch? Tell me!! I need a person to accompany me. Who is going to watch?? Who?? Who??

I am so eager to watch yet nobody is going to watch. *sigh*
Hope there is some changes after this…..
Hoping!! *pray*

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