Sunday, January 31, 2010

Farewell gathering part 2

As promised, I’m going to upload the video which I had taken in Jia Wei’s farewell gathering.
There will be funny video which you guys should not ignore it.

The competitions between them are so funny and some funny comment on it.
Please do not ignore! I beg you!

Penang V.S Malacca!!

The winner is our Miss Jennifer, and the reason why she won this competition is because her food was quite limited!! *laughing*
Not exactly! Is because of her taste, quite yummy, I love it!! Support you, Jennifer~!

*There is some problem for the video of Malay fried rice (Siti) V.S Chinese fried rice (Jia wei). will post next time (it is the most funniest video we have) *

Chinese fried rice (Jia Wei) won the game!!

It’s has a story behind this video,
After the competition, Bee Yoke wanted to cook a plate of egg prawn for us, so she prepared the entire ingredient before the game and started right after the game!
As she put the eggs into the pan, the egg starts to “swim” as fast as it could. That was really funny.

At last, the pan was full of the egg!!
We were laughing so loudly until those people next after us was curious about it.

Right after those funny video, we ended our farewell gathering and have some walk in Mahkota parade. We decided to give Jia Wei a present since he is going to New Zealand next week, so we went Universal travel (something like that) and bought a winter cap for him. It is a nice red color winter cap. (No photo provided, sorry!)
We went back home around 11pm and say good bye to Jia Wei!!

Good luck and take care, Jia Wei!!

PS: I vomit right after I went back home, because I ate too much food that day. *disgusting*

LAST!! Something unbelievable I wanted to show you guys!!
Something miracle happened in Seoul Garden!!





Is this miracle?? WAHAHAHA....

PS: 12 days to go....Chinese New Year is coming soon...

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