Thursday, January 21, 2010

Mommy big day!!

Dear mimi birthday yesterday, but due to some badminton game with friends, we had delay her birthday celebration about 2 hours. However, it is okay for mommy I guess. Don’t angry ya!

When I came back around 9.30pm, it’s time for some small birthday celebration for mimi. Daddy, sis and I celebrated mimi birthday yesterday. (Bro was left out because he still in KL now, *sob* will be back on this coming Saturday, cool)

Before going to play badminton, sis and I went Italy cake house to bought cake for mimi.
It is an America chocolate cake. This cake is totally fill with chocolate, and the chocolate was so damn thick, it makes me sore throat today. *sad
Before the celebration, let’s me captured photo with mimi first!

Now Daddy and mommy together. Both in blue colour T-shirt. ( It is just a coincident, seriously)
Daddy is kissing mommy.. This is so sweet!! *shy*
us without bro again..
He should come back yesterday, but what to do, he need to work. *sob*
ME with the America chocolate cake.

PS: Mommy had warned me not to post up those photo, so there is less photo to share. *sob* and I'm kind of lazy to post so many words, so today post is kind of short!! Sorry reader!!

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