Friday, January 8, 2010

JLS + THE EXTRA outing!! *wee*

Well, another JLS outing again. *Opps* NOPE! Today we have an extra person, which is my sis, Blurlynn, so we should call her as THE EXTRA! I’m so bad as usual. That’s ME!

All right! Back to the outing, this outing as usual, has been delay from Wednesday to Friday due to my illness as I mentioned on the last post. They are so sweet. *kiss*

We finally watch the movie that we eager for so long, that’s AVATAR. This movie is what we must watch this month. It is in my must-to-watch list for so long, we finally watched it. I’m so freaking happy!!!

The story is all about Pandora, a new world for human to discover! The place was so beautiful, and it is full of connection, people to people, tree to people, horse to people and even Ikaran (a kind of bird in Pandora) need to be connected. That was cool. Besides that, the people there were huge and blue in colour, OMG! I love it. You may watch it, if you have not watched. This is the coolest movie ever, planned for 14 years and finally shoots in some professional way.

The making of AVATAR movie.
For more detail video you may click here

So before we watch this movie, we have some photo with Alvin, Simon and thedora (I’m not sure whether I spell in a right way or not) this three little chipmunks was so cute in the movie (Alvin and the chipmunks). Their voice was super adorable and Jennifer likes to imitate it. So cool!
I love Simon and Tendora. Both of them was super funny, especially Tendora. He likes to introduce himself, but then nobody was watching at him. He is so adorable.
Kissing the Simon. The smart one, like to ask people to pick up rubbish!! Cute~

We are so hungry after watching AVATAR, the coolest movie ever. Thus, we went Pizza Hup for our Lunch Dinner. Pizza is what my sis has chose; she has been craving for pizza quite a long time, keeps asking me to eat it. As her wish, we went PIZZA HUP!!

Self caption with Jennifer.
Camwhore together, my skill is getting better and better. Four of us was in the photo, but my face was so big in this photo *sob*

Camwhore end and food begin!
The appetizer

Cheese bread.
Cheese powder for the soup and pizza. My favorite!
Mushroom soup with cheese powder.

Main course.
Meat ball spaghetti
Creamy spaghetti
Chicken supreme pizza
Our food. Look so delicious right? OMG! I'm hungry now.
One hour later......The foods is in our stomach!! We are too hungry that time.
Okay it's time for us to take photo. Let's start! JLS + THE EXTRA!
Lydia (me)
THE EXTRA! (Blurlynn)
Trying to act cool with the long "Cigarette"
Again. but Jennifer has ignore me! *sad*
Okay, we didn't finish up all the food in the previous photo, I'm lying. Sorry!
This is my Last piece of Pizza!! It is really gross after some "decoration". A piece of pizza with full of cheese powder and a bit of pepper. (this is what done by Jennifer). GROSS!!!!!

After some stupid decoration on my gross pizza, we have drinks challenge! Who get to drink the coca cola faster, who will win the game! This is kind of stupid and childish but we have fun doing that, coz winner get to laugh at the loser. That our prize! I will post the video in another post ok?

Who will win the game? Let’s guess together!!!
The loser was my sis, Blurlynn!! *laughing* Not actually!
I just post this to remind people do not waste any food!! People live in the poor country have no food to eat, so do not do that my dear sis!!
We spent RM 54.30 for a meal!!
Sis and Jennifer have bought some new clothes for Chinese new Year. The skirt Jennifer bought was so nice, I love it actually, but I don't think it is nice for me, so just give up of trying. Besides me, chia shin also didn't buy anything!! We both are so pity!! WAHAHA!!
PS: I'm so happy today, coz get to watch my favorite movie

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