Monday, January 18, 2010

Something cute from my aunty!

What’s the thing that attracted me?

Yeah! It is a lovely two way tree.
I’m sure you guys are so curious about this lovely two way tree as well, right?
First, it attracted me by it cute appearance.
But as I explored this lovely two way tree, I found it usefulness, and it is so damn effective!
It can separated into two. That's all??
Nope!! Absolutely nope!!

This lovely two way tree is a two way door stopper!!
First way
Second way- the tree "trunk".

This is so called lovely two way tree!
Awesome right?
It is useful as well as cute!!
What a good thing my aunty has!
PS: My baby camera is in the shop right now! I need to wait for one month for them to repair it. *sob*

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