Thursday, January 14, 2010

Love to shop with you guys!!

CNY is around the corner, as usual, Jennifer, sis and I went shopping for our clothes. This happened since last year. However, it is just a coincident for last year, but this is year we are going to do that again.

Thus, we planned and do it.

We found some new shops at Mahkota and their clothes were super nice.

First day of shopping....

While changing cloth, Jennifer captured my photo. =.=ll (Nope, I'm just pretending.)
Before going back, have some drink at "each cup" (what a funny name the shop has, freaking cute name!)Have some photo in car with our goods!!! WOO~
We bought quite alot for the first day. HAPPY!!
My money gone half!! *sob* But never mind, it is worth for one year!

Second day of shopping...Second day of shopping, means today, was quite fun, coz I finally bought something that I eager for so long. Okay, I know I’m so annoying when come to spend money. I hate to spend money coz I’m not rich at all.

Captured photo with the green Apple "bubble tea". This is so cute and big!! Love it *kiss*
While thinking about the thing I craved for so long, we have some photo. >.<
Jennifer was thinking about her shoes too. We are so headache that time.
At last, I bought it without any further thinking, I'm so happy after that and didn't feel regret after buying it. Super duper happy.

We went home with lots of plastic bag, I feel so happy after buying my clothes and shoes!!
By the way, Jennifer had forgotten to buy somebody present just now, so she going to Mahkota again tomorrow. *swt* =.=lll
PS: I heard something bad happened today, life is unpredictable is what I can say now.

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