Thursday, January 28, 2010

Problem settled!! *wee*

I have finally settled the problem!
One night of worried, finally I got some satisfied answer from SRC (our student presenter, I should say). They had told us that, we don’t need to take MUET test this semester and it is for the June 2009 intake.

Thank GOD!! This mean I didn’t have to take the stupid MUET test this semester, and yes, I would have a better life in this semester.

I would like to thank the SRC! They are so damn effective and efficient when come to resolve problem.

Many people had made some complaint on their Facebook (they even have a facebook, quite advance right?) and they have give us feedback today morning!

I really salute to them!!

My friend said they are better than Cyber SRC!! Good news for Melaka campus!

Okay, this is just a short post! Got to go…

PS: We would have a farewell gathering at Seoul Garden tomorrow! Hope there is no changes anymore. Waiting for tomorrow!!

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