Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Roti Naan gathering!

Yesterday night my friends and I went Pak Putra to have a delicious supper. A place where they sell Roti Naan!

The first thing I went there, I will order Tandori Chicken which I had hunger for so long. But the chicken had disappointed me; coz the taste was super salty! I HATE SALTY FOOD SO MUCH!

This is what I hunger for so long. The taste of the sauces was quite weird, and the chicken was very salty!
Pizza Naan. It doesn't taste like piza at all, rather disappointed! *sigh*
Another salty food for the day, Butter Naan. Seriously! I don't like to eat salty food so much.

While eating our food, I suddenly did something wrong! I mean I had spoilt their spoon. I’m not purposely, it is just an accident. I don’t mean to do spoil it, sorry boss.

The spoon which I had spoilt it. *laughing* I kind of coarse. Sorry boss T.T
Full of Roti Naan and curry.

The chef was so kind, he knew we are curious about their material for cooking the Tandori chicken and Roti Naan, so he let us have a look on it.

Their material was quite special; it is just a big pot with gas only. That’s all I can describe.
TADA!! The big pot for cooking the Tandori chicken and Roti Naan. It's look so special and cute right??
Inside the pot.

After some funny talk, we headed to Pahlawan field again. =. =lll

It seems like we love to go the field so much, because there is always Pahlawan field came to our mind first. No place for us to have fun actually coz Malacca is way too small to have fun. *sob!
Before going to the field, we bought drink. My favorite Ice Lemon Tea!!
Have some talk at the main door of dataran Pahlawan, and we spotted something fun. That is a couple + one person extra. *laughing!
they are our friends actually, and they are not couple!! Do not misunderstand. *evil laugh!
At Pahlwan field! We gather our shoes and have some photo on it. (This is what I did actually)
I have no others Pahlawan field photo because some of my friends was complaning about the flash. I'm so sad! *sob!
We have ghost story telling at there, it is rather scary coz they are talking the real one which they saw at some shopping centre! OMG! This is so damn scary.
Around 12am, we end our gathering. This is quite sudden but what to do, some of them need to work on today.
The first I did is to cut the papers which I posted earlier, and finished in 30 min! COOL! I have done all of it. *Hppy!

PS: I have bought CNY clothes! Yeah!!

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