Sunday, January 17, 2010

They came back again!! *kiss*

As you people know, CNY is around the corner; it’s time for us to clean up the house, so mommy clean up the cabinet and store room yesterday. (I helped her packed up those stuffs that we wanted to donate to other people)

There are tons of thing in my store room, and this is what we wanted to donate!

We have a lot of thing to donate! From clothes to plates to cups….

After packing the plates with the newspaper, we headed to fetch my dad!

Camwhore with my sis in the car. (she is the driver that day, I'm the Passenger with the sun glass *wee*)

Around 6pm, my uncle from KL came back! I’m so happy because I got to play with my little cousins again. I had waited them for about 2 weeks, simply because they had delayed their visiting to Malacca from Christmas until now. ( my cousins got sick when it’s time to come back Malacca. I think they hate Malacca so much)

Have some nap before going to gather with them. I miss my little cousins so much and Jun Shen can talk a lot right now. Pretty funny talking with him coz he has his own word to describe it. Besides that, he will hug and kiss when he is in happy mood, so damn cute. Love him.
Before sleeping, they need to brush their teeth, and immediately I took out my handphone and captured their cute brushing teeth photo. Jun Jie and Jun Shen is brushing their cute little teeth. I love their BIG eyes, so damn cute. Miss them so much. However, I didn't play much with Jun Jie this time coz he is kind of emo yesterday. (Maybe he is shy to talk to me now. Big boy already)

Good News!!
Our Jun Jie is going to school now and he is just 4 years old!! Nowadays children are getting smarter and smarter toward their action. For example, Jun Jie will say something to envelop his wrongness.
This morning we went “Qing Yun Ting” (Chinese temple). The place is still the same, nothing change actually. (Coz I went there 2 weeks ago)
Have some photo in this oldest temple in Malacca.

While waiting for uncle to buy his TOTO (lottery), we have some photo in his new car (Vios). He bought a new car yesterday and drove back to Malacca immediately.
My two little cute cousins. Love them so much.
Do tiger look (since tiger year is coming soon) with my little cousin, Jun Jie and Jun Shen is looking at us curiously. *=.=lll

I think I look fiercer than you my dear Jun Jie. You are so cute!
Together forever. With sis, aunty and cousins in the new car.
We went Jusco later that, cousins were playing happily with those games. I miss those games too.
Two pilots and one passenger. (Aunty and two little cousins.)
After playing and shopping, it’s time for us to have out lunch or tea time whatsoever. We headed to Jun Jie’s favorite! SUSHI KING!!

The food there was much more expensive than Sakura house. It is so costly compare to the Sakura house.
Green tea. (I love their Green Tea)

Cheese Sushi. I didn't eat it before, it seems like it is the new ingredient. Am I right?
I don't really know coz I didn't go there often.
Camwhore with sis at Sushi King!
Their set meal- Salmon fish + soup + rice + steam egg ( I love the steam egg, it is so smooth and nice)
The super no taste fried rice. It is totally tasteless.

After the lunch, we have some shop and end our shopping day by 5pm. It is pretty tired after the some shop.
Moreover, uncle bought me a brand new badminton racket!! I'm so happy.
PS: Sis, do not ever let people take it again and please remember this is belong to our house and not belong to somebody!! Okay??
Thank uncle, I really appreciate it!! *kiss*
PS: I'm going to school tomorrow. Today is the last day of school holiday, I'm so miss my holiday and outing with JLS, Vicki, and Sampated gang!! *sigh*
It's time for us to back to school!! *sob*
I need more holidays!!

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