Saturday, January 23, 2010

Outing again and again!~

Another shopping day with the funny Jennifer, yesterday 3 of us (sis, Jennifer and I) went shopping again. This time before we headed to the only 2 famous shopping centre in Melaka, we went for breakfast at Kampung Ulu. This stall is introduced by Jennifer and the food was so nice and tasty.It tastes like "bah kut teh" yet it is not "bah kut teh". Confuse right?

This is a video where we introduce the food!!
Enjoy it!

It is kind of funny.

After the breakfast, it’s time for us to go for shopping.
When we enter the main door, we saw some donation stuff, it is so beautiful, the flower was so nice. Well decorated.

Anyone can drop a coin and make a wish on it. So nice right?
The wishes. Love it.

We were walking and walking, yet can't find any good thing in the shopping centre, so end up eating "Roti Paratha". This stall is super nice and the food are so tasty. Love it.
There are many variety of food can be order. Besides "roti paratha", they also sell crispy, I mean crêpe. Yum Yum~!
Jennifer's Cheese chicken ham roti paratha.
This looks so delicious, it has cheese, chicken ham and onion!! I'm so hungry right now!! *saliva is coming out!*
Sis and mine's ice-cream roti paratha. Nice and cold!! I love the roti paratha, it is so nice and crispy. Not oily at all.. Ice-cream + Roti Paratha = perfect match!! Love it so much. I will buy again.
Eating my roti paratha happily.

PS: My post is getting shorter and shorter nowadays. What happened to me? I need to have more idea and passion when I’m updating my blog. Where you both go to? I need you!!
PSS: My life is so boring as well. Nothing to update!! Sorry!

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