Tuesday, January 5, 2010

A delay outing.. *wee*

Okay, to be honest I kind of lazy to update this post, coz now I’m having some sore throat plus headache. However, due to the delay, I should update now! I mean this is an outing where we planned from October until now. As I mentioned here that we will have our after midterm exam outing, but something happened on that day and we have delay the outing until now

Yes, yesterday we have some sort like “Jalan Jalan Cari Makan” gathering. We went Jonker Walk early in the morning, (about 9.30am) to have some kind of Baba Nyonya kuih! As we walk along the place, we saw lots of artistic and souvenir shop but the thing is no Baba Nyonya kuih is available!

While us finding for Baba Nyonya kuih. We were walking from one street to another, yet nobody is selling those KUIH!! We are totally disappointed.

We went temple a while to pray. I didn’t capture a lot of photo at that temple, coz nobody is free to have photo!! They are busy praying, so as a good girl, I would not disturb them. What a good girl I am. (Let’s me praise myself for one second)
Still have some photo of Shin while she was walking, the rest of them was way to far from me. Sorry!Capture some photo of Jennifer and Shin. Shin hate camera so much, coz whenever I captured her photo, she will cover her face as much as possible. Shin should learn from me and Jennifer, whenever camera is there, we will stay by for it. WAHAHAH....

After many round in the Jonker, we still have no chance to taste the kuih-kuih, what a bad luck we have. Thus, we decided to have our breakfast at Donald and Lily stall, but sadly the stall hasn’t open yet!! OMG! We really bad luck loh, hate Monday so much, coz some stall didn’t open on Monday!
At the end we have Hai Nan chicken rice as our breakfast; this stall is quite famous in Melaka, but I think their food was quite ordinary, nothing special at all. I just don’t get why many people like their food? It is because they are famous??
Shin was laughing on something.
Vicki with my famous pose. Hey, don't steal my pose!!! *laughing*
Me with my famous pose and Jennifer with her surprise look. (What so surprise of , Jennifer???)

Our 2nd Camera Woman!! I'm the first one of coz.
"professional" camera woman with shin.
We went to “San Shu gong” after our breakfast, coz Vicki want have some try on their Cendol. However, she didn’t taste it because nobody is willing to accompany her. I mean we do not want to eat it, simply too expensive. It cost RM4.80 per bowl!! It is way too expensive; it’s cost only RM 2 (the most) at most of the stall. SEE!! How different the price is. “San Shu Gong” is making money from those tourists but not me!!
It look so normal right? But it is the biggest lollipop I ever seen. Love it!
At "San Shu Gong" with the biggest lollipop I ever seen. This is so cute, I love it.

Nothing seems to be happen awkwardly yesterday, nothing is available when we need it. This is so called BAD LUCK!!! Thus, we went Dataran to have some MOVIE! What we choose for??

We choose Alvin and the chipmunks 2!!!
Those chipmunks are so cute and I hope to have one too. Love the movie so much. Their voice is cute, their movement is cute, their dance is nice and their girlfriend is cute too. I love chipmunks so much.
Before we meet Vicki, this is what we saw!!! Two girls is make upping! This is so funny, both of them was putting some cosmetic on their face with a fast speech.
JLS was camwhoring!!Chrismas decoration in Dataran!! So nice

While having some shop at a shoes shop, we were camwhoring! We have reflection via mirror at that particular shop. That was really fun.

Reflection camwhore 1
Reflection camwhore 2
This is quitw fun, coz we really way too boring that time.
Went Nadeje for our tea time. Have some stupid game at there.
The environment was quite good. The shop is fully enclosed by glass window, no privacy is provided. Besides that, not much people were there so the place was silence.
And I love their chair. This is quite unique for me.
We had spotted an ang moh passed by.
Nadeje original flavor layer cake.
Blueberry flavor layer cake.
I forgot the name of the drink, sorry Jennifer.
Classic Dream
Summer Dream
Red....Sorry Vicki. (I have a bad memorize power, so please forgive me)
They have many naughty names for their drink which I love so much.
While reading the menu. Their naughty name had attract me.
LOVE JLS!!! I love the colour too.
Reflection camwhore again. I love this the most
JLS again!
Later than, we have some rest in my house and went for dinner at Sakura house. (What?? Again???)
Group photo.

Before going back home, we have photo session as usual.

And LAST!!!

JLS rock~~ What a good name we created!! JLS=Japanese Language Society and Jennifer + Lydia + Shin!!! I love it so much..

PS: finally updated this post, I'm so headache today, need to have a rest right now. Good night! Dear reader!!

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