Thursday, January 28, 2010

Everybody is facing the same problem with me!! *sigh*

I’ve tons of problems today, and yes, most of the people in MMU have this kind of problem as well. We are the same, same campus, same problem. *sigh*

I’m so confusing right now, many people too.

Many of my friends were cheering me up, yet it is so not work to me. I just can’t forget about it, some of them were like what happened to you? And I didn’t give them response! Coz I really have no mood to talk about it and didn’t tend to give them feedback, sorry friend!

I’m really not in good mood today, I’m asking why from the day when I started my studies in the stupid campus and yet they haven’t give us a perfect or good answer to us. It is so irresponsible! Hate MMU!

I know I’m not supposed to scold my own school, but they really trouble us a lot. *seriously*

From the internet system to adding course to MUET (Malaysia University English Test) changes stuff, MMU had really troubled us a lot; they like to trouble the students. I mean us! The pity FBL student! We always will be the unlucky one.

Tons of assignments are waving their hand to us and yet this stupid campus still drags us to HELL!!
What are you people doing in MMU?? Can you guys just be more professional??
Their systems are totally sucked from the first day I studied in MMU!! *seriously*

I’m hoping that they will give a perfect answer tomorrow, if they are still acting like nothing. I will ….

Speechless is what I can do….

PS: My flu and cough still haven't recover. *sad*

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