Sunday, January 24, 2010

Random photo...

Fine, I’ve no passion to blog anymore. Where is my passion? Can you just come back to me now!! My post is getting shorter and shorter these days.
So, to let my blog alive, I would upload some photo to it.

Yesterday, bro, sis and I gather with my long-time-no-see cousin aka sand storm (he called himself sand storm in Facebook) and my bro new found friend, Nick. We went for yam cha at one of the Indian stall near my house. We were talking, teasing and laughing as if like we are the only customer at that particular stall, my cousin was so funny; he keeps on teasing my sis with some “knowledge”.

Besides my cousin, bro also do that to my sis too. Simply because my sis is the blur queen in my house!Sand storm is acting cute!! First time in my entire life I see my cousin act cute. He is a funny guy ever. His face is kind of gangster look, but in real he is so funny, like to tease my sis.
My sis and I. We look so tired in this photo and YES!! We are so damn tired that time, coz it is 2.30am!! OMG! Can you imagine 2.30am at Indian stall? I’m totally in sleeping mood!
Sand storm, sis, bro and Nick. I'm the photographer!!


Is my turn to have photo session with them.
Sis is the photographer this time!! Pretty obvious actually....
Camwhore. This is what I wanted to prove to my cousin! My camwhore skill. Look good in this photo??
(The iphone imagine, by sandstorm and edited by him as well)
Second place- went for disco tea!

Well, disco tea is not the tea that sells in the disco place, I didn’t been there before too. It is just tea with three colors. According to my cousin, disco tea is the Malacca famous tea. Do you agree? Happy ending!!! LOL...

PS: Do you people notice that my photo is so blurry these days?? It is simply because I'm using my 2 mega pixels hand phone camera to capture those photo, my baby pinky camera is still in the factory *sad. Sorry for the inconvenient! =]
PSS: It seem like I have type a lot in this post, a good news for me!! *smile*
PSSS: I'm waiting for CNY!! 18 days to go....*waiting*
PSSSS: I'm suffering from cough and flu today, kinda bad luck!!

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