Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy New year 2010!!

Well, how you guys spent your last day of 2009??

I’m having a great fun with KIDS for the last day of 2009…

The last day of the year was our MAMA Lucy’s birthday. She had invited us to her birthday party which is a great one. The food was awesome, I love her food very much since I’m a kids.
MAMA Lucy has her birthday party at Lee’s Garden which opens by her son at her house. This is quite complicated; in short it is in her house! The environment was rather a weird one coz I’m not a pub lover. The girl there are so sexy and weirdo, so you know what I mean right?

However, it is doesn’t matter with us, coz we are just in other part of that, they have the party at the corner which quite far away from those sexy girls.

Before the birthday celebration, we have our dinner at there. The food, as I mentioned earlier, AWESOME!! It is simply because the food was cooked by MAMA Lucy. *clap clap*

The food was not as high class as those in the hotel or restaurant, but somehow I love it.Roti Jala with Curry chicken. This is awesome!A bowl of MAMA Lucy's recipe Laksa!! The best!

After the food had served, we as a girl would not loss the chance of taking photo with MAMA Lucy.
With MAMA Lucy and her granddaughther, Sandra!! Sandra love her grandma so much. *kiss* We love you too, mama Lucy.
Mama Lucy and me. *note* The food was empty, so now can you imagine how delicious is the food? Yeah! It is so yum!

About 10pm, is time for the party to begin! I mean birthday celebration!
For Sandra’s mom, her duty is to bring out the cake and light up. But for us, our duty is to…

Guess what?

Prepare to “decorate” the place by popping the “boom” and spray the sticky thing all around the place. This is fun, because this is my first time to use the “boom”. I don’t really know what is it actually; it is just something that have POP sound. That’s all I know.Before the "game" begin, we have some photo caption. These kids are so cute, especially the little boy and girl in pink dress. They are Mama Lucy grandchild too. Nowadays, children are more fashionable than us; they know what the latest hand phones are now and the brand too. Besides that, their hand phone is much more high tech than mine. They are so cute and mature I should say.
Mama Lucy's birthday cake. Secret recipe's chocolate solid cake (I think so)

Mama Lucy with two cute kids, Wan Xin and Boy Boy.
The birthday celebration was so funny because we need to sing the song and pop out the “boom”. But when song had sung finish, all of us were like a dude is trying to pop up the “boom”. The pop thing was so tight; we have no strength to twist it. In the end, those uncles helped us up, this is quite embarrassing actually. We have failed to do it. *sad*
After the celebration, we have some rest at the cashier. Chit-chatting with kids, play with kids and even dance with kids. After some time, we feels bored and went inside the house and have some chat with those old ladies.

Okay, I know their topic was not suit to us, but what to do, no teenager is available to chat with. *so sad*
About 11.55pm, we started to wait for the time and have some countdown at the car park with KIDS. No kidding is KIDS!! First time having countdown with primary kids, they are so cute and funny. We have no generation gap with them. *seriously*

Around 11.59pm, it’s time for us to countdown, we start!!
10,9,8,7, 6…. 0
I look at the phone, the time is still the same, so we count again…
10, 9, 8, 7, 6….. 0

And look again, the time is still the same, so sis comes out some “brilliant” idea, that is we count from 20, thus we followed,
20, 19, 18….. 10

Before we count until zero, the time had reached, so we just say HAPPY NEW YEAR to each other with some funny and happy look. That was really funny.

PS: I'm having a great countdown last two days.

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