Thursday, January 7, 2010

Recovering! *wee*

I’ve nothing to blog on because I’m not having any outing last two days due to my sickness. I’m having sore throat plus headache last two days, my head is going crack soon. However, now is recovering.

Why I am so sick last two days??

I’m so sick because I went karaoke the day before and have a super thick America Chocolate Cake. After finish karaoke-ing, I have Satay Celup as my dinner, super spicy!! That why I’m sick for two days.

The outing was not so fun anyway, so I don’t want to update it. it is something like showing off outing, everyone there was like showing off their own stuff! WTH!!! If you are so rich, may you give me some, don’t ever show off in front of me! I hate it so much, but somehow some are quite good la. Just few of them are super show off dude!

And their voice was super annoying!! They will comment everything around us with their “yer~” sound!! Can you imagine, plus a “yer” word?? “yer, why you copy me??” “yer!!!!!!! Why the fat guy keeps looking at us” “yer!!!!!!! Don’t do like this, so embarrassing” (note: their "yer" was super long one)….. Well I would say they are much more embarrassing than us, coz their voice was super loud and annoying. Everyone in the earth will hear it!! I think they have no brain at all!! BRAINLESS!! Super brainless. Can’t they just shut their mouth for a few minutes and stop comment on others??

You think you are pretty is it? Yeah! You are pretty but you are not prefect! Because of your super big mouth made you not perfect at all!! Opps!! I should say you are not that pretty with your super big mouth! That is more suit you!!

I just don’t get why they are so show off about their own stuff?? They just can’t stop for one day! You guys should be more humble instead of showing off all day long. This is quite annoying ok??

I’m glad that, you guys are not my friends and my friends are much better than you guys!!
I’m glad I’m having a bunch of good friend instead of friend like you guys!!!!!!!

I’m glad!!

Woo~ it seems like I’m blogging quite a lot now. This is why people get angry when thing happened so annoying. I’m getting angry when talk about them, coz they really annoy me the day before I fall a sick. The reason why I am going out with them is because I didn’t sing K about one semester. I'm so regret anyway!

Well, I think I wrote a lot now; I’m going end my post!!

PS: I’m recovering now!! Full of energy, will watch AVATAR tomorrow! We are going to watch AVATAR today actually but due to my sickness, Jennifer change to tomorrow, how sweet she is. Will be back on tomorrow, I’m so excited for tomorrow outing.

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