Monday, January 11, 2010

I have find out the reason now.

Well, I just found out that the entire photos, songs and themes for my hand phone have not been deleted by my sis. I was so pissed off when I realize sis has formatted my hand phone, and scolded her as a stupid person, I feel so sorry. After all, it is just my hand phone memory problem.

Now the entire photos and songs are still in my hand phone, that’s great news for me. Because I didn’t need to find someone to send me those photos again. *happy*

Besides that, my collection of themes was still there, I love those themes, and I did not know who actually had sent to me. It is kinda hard to collect some of the themes coz most of them are from my foundation friends.

I’m glad I get it back my photos, songs and themes!

I really glad….

By the way, I need to say sorry to my sis because I had wrote a post to scold her indirectly. However, I know she would not come to my blog, so just let it be.

PS: I’ve deleted the post anyway, so people who see it, mind you just forget it. That’s was my fault of no finding out the reason why the entire file has gone. Sorry sis!

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