Tuesday, January 12, 2010

300 pieces in 6 hours!!

My day for yesterday was fully utilized because of this stuff, papers that are belong to Kenneth! He asked us to help him to cut these flies for his club (chinese language society).
As a friend, I should help him, but in my mind, I’m so tired of cutting that! Sorry Kenneth! However, I still receive some from him.
He gave us 50 pieces of papers to cut into 300 pieces of flies!!!
Okay, fine! I will do it in whatever sense. Thus, I started to cut that at about 3pm with Jennifer.

Have you ever cut 300 pieces of papers in 6 hours??
I'm awesome!!
I know you guys surely have before too.
This is splendid after 6 hours of cutting and struggling.

PS: I'm going to shopping with Blurlynn and Jennifer!

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