Sunday, January 3, 2010

Be a child for one day. =]

A sudden call from my cousins and she has invited us to her house for steamboat gathering. Steamboat seems to be our gathering now, “whenever there is family gathering, there will be STEAMBOAT!!!” Our family statement!!

Thus, we went her house and have steamboat dinner. While eating, uncle comes out some brilliant idea for steamboat soup. He put some apple to make the soup tastier; the apple was quite nice in the soup. What a brilliant idea he had.

Good combination between the soup and the apple. Good idea!! You guys should try it too. *wink*

Well, since our stomach is full of steamboat food, so we went for a walk at Portuguese statement. Most of the decoration has been taken out, but some are still there. We really have fun at there, photo will prove everything.

We went “jati”!!! The jati now is fully renovated; it is not like those days when I’m young. It totally changed! I love the place so much. It is so windy and fun.

Before going up the jati, we have some photo with uncle and cousins. My uncle is way to handsome loh. Do you think so?
Walking on the Jati!! As you can see, it is so damn windy there. We look like insane after the hair blow by the wind.
Had a nice shoot with my cousins, Xiao Xuan. All my cousins, except Sandra. However, she consider my little sister.
Group photo without sis. She is the photographer.

After some boring chat and photo caption, they found something new to play with. That is the float in the sea which fisherman use to go to the boat. Thus, all of them went down to have some look and left me alone with my camera! As a professional (?) camera woman, I will capture the photo of them professionally.
The result quite good right?

While capturing their photo, I feel like wanted to go down and have a look, so uncle brought me down. This was super duper scary, because I’m floating on the sea!! Can you believe it?? The float was quite shaky and no holder is provided! OMG!! How am I going to survive if there is just a float for me? I’m scare. I might just give up and die! Good idea??
I’m scare of thing that has no safety! I’m quite a timid person indeed. So I hold tightly and start to pray. Finally!! I reach the end of the float. That was great!! Have a photo with the float for remembrance
Next, we went Playground!! This was so fun, and I feel like going back to childhood time. I love childhood where you can do anything you like without others looking at you weirdly. So, for today it’s time for me and my sis back to childhood, have fun in the playground with cousins!
Before going to the playground!
The first game for my cousin, Xiao Xuan and i'm just pass by!!
i used to play this when I'm a kid. This is so funI love this game too. I'll play this with my bro and sis when I'm young. That was really memorable.
*laughing* I can't fit in!! This is way to small *sob*
YEAH!! LOVE this game too~ *wee*
With funny sandra!!
Punch you!! *laughing*
Note: we are just acting, people!Back to childhood!! Everybody was so happy included my sis. She is not so childish actually but she seems to be happy at the end.
I love this the most.

PS: I'm waiting for tomorrow outing right now!! I'm so excited....Yahoo!

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