Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Happy graduation for Blurlynn!! ★ ★ ★

I went to Selangor last Friday and got back to Malacca yesterday, the purpose of going to Puchong is because we are going to my sis’s convocation!

My sis convocation is on the 1st of Aug, so we went there for holiday as well. I really not willing to come back Malacca yesterday coz if come back to Malacca, I need to do a lot of assignment as well as tutorial. *sigh* I think I need to face the reality right now.

PS: I always out of topic! =__=
Well, we went to sis’s convocation on Sunday.

This is the first time I went to MMU Cyber, the place was super duper BIG,and we need to walk a long way to the main hall. *tired* one thing that not satisfied me is their guard, I think MMU has this kind of NO SENSE situation where we need to park outside and walk into the place, it is so far! I’m wearing high heel some more@@ *faint*

Lucky uncle’s car can go into the place, if not I think I’m going to be damn tired after walking with 10cm high heel!

One family with sis's gift!! She insist us to give her a big bear, so a big graduation PIG is a great choice! WAHAHA...
PS: There is no big graduation bear in Sunway! *cry*

We are well-prepared except for my bro, *sigh* I really don't get what he is doing there. However, I simply love this photo.

Since sis was busying with the photo session with her friends, uncle claimed to have this photo and said that WE ARE THE MAIN CHARACTER TOO!!  WAHAHA...How funny is my uncle.★

Other family photo. It is so hard to have a proper group photo there, coz some of them was "blind" and keep walking in front of us when we were having photo session. I don't blame them anyway!

The silblings!! Yeah ★ ★
Ok, my face was super BIG here!! =__=



The only thing I need to do at there was helping  my sis to hold her gifts! She has a lot of gift that day, from flowers to dolls. =__=

I simply love the flower that given by uncle! It has 6 chocolate on it.. how lovely is that...

The big PIG was given by me and bro!! WAHAHA...

Love it or not, sis? *evil laugh*

PS: I hope to graduate soon, coz I hate to do assignment and exam!! I need to wait another 2 years to go...HELP!! T.T

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