Friday, August 27, 2010


Just now when my friend had gone back to their house, my sis and her bf were helping me to clearing cup on the table. After they all had washed the cup, I heard something really weird.

I heard somebody is wiseling, then I don’t mind at first, (I mean when someone wisel, you will sure not that scare right, wisel only what!?) but then after sis’s bf asked whether we heard someone wisel or not, I answered yes, and I still not that scare actually. I was like I HEARD, DID YOU WISEL? YOU WISEL RIGHT? WAHAHAHA….

Then sis’s bf said NO, I DIDN’T WISEL!! SERIOUSLY!! My face turn to other side, and start looking around, and wondering who will wisel in the middle of the night, 12 am know!? (In this 7th month some more)


“AHHHH….what you all trying to say!? What happened!?” my sis shouted and wanted to run away. I really got shock that time, but I need to put my nicky in my house, how am I going to do!? We all together close up the entire things and went off to up stair as soon as possible.

The wisel sound quite scary, you know!? It is a song, something fishy song….when I heard it, I feel nothing, but after I think back, I feel fishy. What is that song!? *shivering*

It really scares me right now! I still have no idea what is that actually….

Is there “something” in this world, I believe there is!?

So what I’ve heard it?


Any idea?

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