Thursday, July 29, 2010

More Outing post ★★

More outing post is up next! You may call me outing queen or princess (I didn’t force) from now on. This is another outing with my friends’ right after Garden recipe (the following day). I’ve hang out rather less the past few months due to schooling, but now midterm break, so outing post is probably a good choice for this blog.

My friend and I went station one, the always-outing-destination, I’ve no idea why my friend love this place so much, it probably the worst place I went, coz smokers all around. =__=

For the last post, a friend of mine told me that parent play a very important role on teaching the child not to smoke, coz even now 4 years old little boy know how to smoke. I was like agree with him, but then after I think it deeply, I think we shouldn’t blame parent damn much coz they love you, they care about you, they taught you not to smoke, and they even feel sad when they get to know you are smoking! For example, parent taught a boy not to smoke when you grown up, and the little boy will listen and say no to smoking, but then after he grown up and mix with tons of people, he turn to be a smoker, so now who should we blame? I’m wondering…Parent?? Definitely nope!!
Ok, I think I’m out of topic right now! Sorry people…

Well, I came late as usual (I’m always the late comer), sat down and start our conversation as soon as possible.
Oh no…

We did order some drink before we start chatting
Viki's milky longan and Andrew's strawberry + apple + orange!
My always favourite drink, ice lemon tea. Jennifer too!
Shinyi (the special guest of the night)'s longan drink.

When she came to my house yesterday for assignment, Jennifer asked her to join us for night outing, so she said yes and went for it. *evil laugh* Thus, she is me and Jennifer's special guest for the night!
Our poor viki's dinner. Chicken chop with sweet corn, almost 9pm only got to nom her yum food. *pity*

We were damn happy to see each other since last time we saw each other was the day before Viki went for her intership, the last outing- Papa john pizza.

Chit-chat is a must!!

However, Shin yi went back after 9.30pm due to personal problem

 Bye shin yi!

And continue with some breaking news until 11.40pm and say good bye to the smoky place and friends! I feel like relief that night, coz long time didn't have this kind of outing already.

Last photo of the day...

PS: I'm going to KL tomorrow. kinda happy yet sad coz No INTERNET! T.T

Next time I should consider whether want to go Station One or not, coz the place was reallly not in good condition, bad environment. I need clean air to breath, coz I'm outing princess..........WAHAHAHA.......

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