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Penang Purple - T day ♥

What the hell!? Uploading these photos was like a wasting time plan for me, I really take me a lot of time to upload! SHIT! I hate it so much… Why don’t blogspot create a photo loading feature which can upload photo at once? *grumpy*

While waiting for the photo to be uploaded, now start my writing about my Penang Trip again. (I know it is boring when I say about Penang again and again, but it is really memorable for me)

I’ve not updated Penang trip for the rest of the days, so now I should do so.

The 3rd day of our Penang was like a nightmare, the worst day in Penang. Everything was not in good condition, even the weather too. *sweat*

In the morning, we woke up early as usual (in Penang) and set up everything, then walk to the nearest Kek Lok Si. It is not a long way anyway, (we stayed at Air Hitam), have our breakfast in their morning market (Pasar pagi). The weather was damn hot and sunny; all of us were like using umbrella whenever we go. *sweating like hell*

The hot weather in Air Hitam *Hot and sweat MAX* This grandma looks cute here! I'm wondering why every grandma looks so cute one?
I’ve my curry mee in the morning. (Not a good choice for those who are not chili lover)

We walked to Kek Lok Si after that; tomodachi was damn crazy on buying the T-shirt sell at there. *sweat* I’m not a T-shirt lover, and they cheat us. T.T

After we headed to the top of the Kek Lok Si (the highest part of kek Lok Si), the weather turn windy, we were like so happy for the windy day. We were playing happily at there, but then after sometimes the weather turned dark and rain cats and dogs! WTH!?

PS: Well, I’m still waiting for the photos to be uploaded, rest awhile and continue this part. *laughing*

Ok, I shall continue this part right now. (Finally finish uploaded)

Before we went in to the Kek Lok Si, everyone need to climb the hill to Kek Lok Si (it is a high stair actually, WTH!?) I was damn tired after climbing the hill, tiring and the weather is killing me. *HOT*
Did I say its rain when we headed to Kek Lok Si? Well, while we were climbing the hill, the weather still damn hot and dry, but then after we headed to the Guang Ying hill, it rain! WTH!?

Long way to go...

And we finally saw the sign to go to Kek Lok Si! Phew... still has a long way to go...

Before climbing the hill, there is a tortoise pool for the tourist to feed them. We were too early that day, so no stall was selling any vegetables for them. Sorry tortoise!

Photo with the kek lok si. nice shoot but most of us were like so sleepy.

Buddha all around the place.

There is some stall at there which sell these kind of food decoration to make others feel hungry. Does it looks real?

Tomodachi in purple -T.

Later that, we went to the highest part of the Kek Lok Si to pay a visit to the biggest Guang ying in Penang! The ticket cost me RM4 for 2 ways.

I'm scare when I was in the caber car, I always have this kind fear while in the caber car. I have phobia in high high stuff!!

But tomodachi was great! They comfort me, thank tomodachi!! We had blurry and reflected photo in the caber car!

It takes few minutes to go the top!!
The Guang Ying was so high and BIG! However, it is under maintanance that day, so we can't go in the place! *sad*

Their chair was super cute, a dog shape one! I want it so much...

They even decorated the place with 12 zodiac rock. I'm the horse!

Thus, taking photo with the horse is a necessities! I love horse. But why my face look like this one? *sigh*

Disney rock? I'm soooo regret that I didn't take photo with them, and I didn't realize them until I look back all the photo from Penang! =__=

The wish tree. I didn't wish anyway.

The rain is getting heavier, so we went to the pondok (little cute pondok). The Pondok was so beautiful..
It has a run way road and it is located on the water base!! Oklah, I've no idea how to describe it, so look at the photo, then you will know what I'm saying..
The road....

The water fall! So beautiful... I love it so much

We didn't have the chance to walk aroun the place coz it is raining that time, so we decided to change our plan. We suppose to visit the historical part of Penang, but due to the heavy rain, we change our plan to Queenbay mall to have our lunch.

We are in the bus! *AGAIN*

I'm pretending to be a bag pack traveller, seeing the map in the bus. (We are the bag pack traveller actually)

Rain non-stop! WTH!???

I hate it so much....

We reached Queenbay Mall, it takes like 30 minutes to reach there, feel so sleepy. Rain will be a good weather for sleep!! Did you notice the rain has actually stop? WAHAHA...this is what the photo after we have shop in Queenbay mall..

We have our lunch at T-Bowl, Queenbay mall. I always wanted to go this concept restaurant, so tomodachi agreed to go there for lunch. They do not want to disappoint me this time, how good is tomodachi! Love tomodachi.

Everything in T-Bowl was toilet stuff, it is a toilet concept restaurant anyway.
Their created cartoon. cute...
The decoration was superb! I love it, but the shop has a kind of stink smell. I've no idea what is that, surely not "poo" smell, ok?

Well, I'm not quite recommended for you people to have lunch in this T-Bowl restaurant coz their food was super normal and too big for a normal person!
My lunch- double sauces cheese rice! It is quite normal and big bowl. I'm so full after eating that big bowl of rice! Yucky...

My desserts - melon with sagu! Nice, I love it, but still normal food! nothing special.
Shin's dessert- grape with ice blended!

OMG! I should order Ting's dessert, it looks so yummy and chocolate! I love chocolate.....
Their menu was so cute, it has a little brush on it! So creative loh..

Their chair was a real Poo Bowl, so cute!!
ok, I'm not coming back again for sure!!

Our purple -T day was quite an unlucky day for all of us actually, everything was not in good condition as I've mentioned just now..

We went back around 4 something, and headed to buy some biscuit for my family. We back to the apartment around 5 something, and everyone was like a dead body, tiring and sweating... Feel so uncomfortable that day.

After everyone has finishing bathing, it's time for us to have some fun stuff! As a girl, we have our own girly stuff to play, that's is we painted our  nail with red and pink colour and called it as gelang nail! (I'm just saying for fun, I'm not prejudice or what) I really have fun at there.

Around 8 something, it time for us to have our dinner at Bali...(I've no idea what is the name, sorry)
It has a bali-like sitting place, so cute! I love it so much...

They even provided fan for us! How nice is that!

Our dinner was awesome!!
We have like from the eastern to western food on our table...
Malay apom! My favourite.
The not-recommended ice blended, but mango ice blended was quite recommended.

Curry chicken and bread! This was yum.. *double thumb up*
Clay pot chicken rice. I love this!! It taste great with eggs and sausages! Yum
Golden Blue chicken chop! Love it
Fish and chip! cut by tomodachi Ting. Great job!!
I'm waiting for the food to be serve, coz Jennifer is the one who ordered all the food. I wanted try to order some foods, but the slipper had broken that time =__= *stupid slipper*

The incident happened when I wanted to have a look on the entire food stalls. When I was so excited to take a look on those stalls, my slipper break into half! =__= I was so shock that time, and tomodachi were laughing at me! *fail me*

Although there is some not-in-good-condition mood that day, but we ended that day quite happily! Probably because of my slipper, and everybody laugh! WAHAHA....

PS: I miss Penang time with tomodachi! Hope to travel together again!! Tomodachi, I want travel again!

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