Tuesday, August 17, 2010


I’ve like millions of question mark in my brain and feel like wanted to burst out.

I’ve been saving my money since the day I came back from Penang, but the money just gone by the wing, I just wondering where I’ve spent all my money, it just disappear whenever I wanted to count it. *wondering*

My lovely money, where you’ve been to??

I always have this kind of feeling that whenever I tried to keep money so hardly, the money just don’t “love” me that much, they will run away from me, money please do love me and don’t run away from me. I’m not going to eat you or what, I’m just going to keep you in my pocket safely, and that’s all. T.T

Money is everything, do you agree? (oklah, don’t compare with friendship, family love, and relationship) in facts it is everything for today’s world, everything need money to exchange, maybe sometimes relationship is build because of the MONEY! (But I’m NOT for sure, I don’t believe money can build a good relationship with others; I may think that as a FAKER!)

So now, do you think money is important?

Sometimes people will simply just waste their money by buying all those unnecessary thingy, and I will begin to figure what if I’ve those money, what would I do for it? Perhaps just keep it in the bank and “makan” the interest, and last I will be millionaire. (Possible, right?) Or I can go for travel instead of buying thing which is unnecessary; this can gain my knowledge some more.

My sis always complain that I’m such a “kiam gu” (stingy person), but I didn’t save any money even though I’m a stingy person, weirdo! I’m so very envy those who have a lot of money; so that they can go everywhere they like, and buy whatever they like, instead of like me need to think for so long and last decide not to buy it. T.T

I think I’M GONNA GO FOR A PART TIME JOB WHEN I’VE THE TIME, probably semester break! I need to earn more money from right now, so that my travel plan will goes smoothly….