Monday, August 30, 2010

Weekend home-cooked dishes

Weekend home-cooked dishes
My sis and her bf will cook for every weekend, so I will continuously post up what they have cook for me on the weekend. I’ve no idea why they are so inspired to cook something on the weekend, but it is good for me, coz I’ve something delicious (probably) to eat every weekend.

They have like Western breakfast V.S Eastern breakfast contest, who will win!? Let's see how!! WAHAHA...(I'm one of the judgers)
Thus, my sis had cooked Pancake this week.
Pancake with strawberry and honey....(it is too normal for me, so...)
I put some chocolate chips on top of it to make it look nicer. Yummy...
Sis put some chocolate chips inside the pancake as well. I love chocolate so much...

My pancake- cooked and decorated by Blurlynn

Then her bf cooked the fried mee and mee soup for us, we're going to be damn full.
The mee soup (double thumb up) and fried mee. I love the mee soup so much, hope mommy knows how to cook it. *thumb up*
Let's enjoy the food together!

I prefer both dishes, but mommy and daddy love the fried mee more than pancake, thus, sis lost!
On sunday mean today, weekend home-cooked dishes continue, but now is my turn to show up my cooking skill. (kinda suck)
Well, this is my sis cooking again. =__=
(I admit my cooking is worse than her lah)
My weekend home-cooked dish is.....


This is damn special, coz mostly ondeh-ondeh is green in colour, but mommy asked me to use the blue flower to colour it! OMG! I love it damn much. (At least it is different from others)
Gula Melaka as the inti!

However, nobody love my dish, so I need to finish up all. (still left some now)


Stay tuned for the next Weekend home-cooked dishes...

PS: Tomorrow, going to meet tomodachi, feel so excited right now! *smile* 


  1. i'm not good in cooking, is my sis..hehe...i m suck in cooking..thx anyway!

  2. wow! the blue ondeh ondeh is special! i love the colour blue too :) but i think if u put lesser colouring so that it's lighter blue instead of dark blue it'll be way better^^

  3. haha...ya maybe u right, should put lesser, then it will be better..should try it the next time! =)