Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Team Building

Ok, finish my lunch and start to type for this post. (I’m rather lazy and sleepy right now)
Well, I’ve post up the video previously for the team building, and as I mentioned it is not-a-fun team building anyway.

We gathered at school at around 7.45am and embarked to Gunung Datuk Rembau, Negeri Sembilan almost at 9am (because somebody was late that day, sweat to the max) this place isn’t far at all, it takes 45min to reach there.

JLS were super angry of the person who in charge for this event, I’ve no idea why should I like her by the way, and we were like complaining about her, “curse” her, (Just for fun, not really curse lah), she like wanted to split us, so that we are not in group! WTH!?

*there will be more complain in this post, so if you feel annoying, I apologize)

The Big tree before we were going to "climb" walk up the hill
I love this game, but sadly we didn't have this kind of game in this team building, what a waste!
While we were walking up the hill, having fun at first, and then...
Tied up my hair, and walked to the top of the hill...
We were the first batch to the top, and have a tiring photo first.
Dividing us into 4 group. As you can see, JLS is in the same group. (We changed anyway =P)
Our very first second game, build up the tower for own group. It takes 2 hours to complete the tower. DAMN IT! This is waste of time (our precious time), and this is so called RM 28 game. Waste our money and time!

We lost in this game anyway, coz it really needs some skill, WE NEED KING SCOUT!!
Our lunch of the day, rice + mixed vegetable + salted fish + curry chicken. To be frank, it is quite yum for me (maybe I'm way too hungry that time), but the cutlery were quite dirty. *yucky*
While me and shin waiting for the food!!
We finished up our lunch and continue the work we left out! It really disappoint us. =__=
Third game - use paper to make a pipe for the water to flow. We were damn serious in this game coz we do not want to have any punishment anymore...

Trying to balance the "pipe"
Straigthen up!
and yes!
*photo from club Facebook*
Everyone was asked to gather, that day was damn hot.

The fourth game began, and guess what it is a normal game which cost RM 28! I was like it is so cheap game and yet asked us to pay for damn much!
See! It is a normal game which cost us RM 28 per person! "GREAT"!!!
The person was damn cruel, he keep folding the paper into smaller piece. However, this kind of like NOT A PROBLEM for our team members especially Shin, the thinner girl among us!

I really proud of our team members!!

Punishment from other groups, coz we lost for one game! T.T
Our guy members was damn gentleman, coz they keep covering us so that we, girl will not get wet or something on our shirt. How good they are, but then I got wet at the back, coz of some stupid guys from other groups, they neither gentleman nor helpful! Hate them so much. ( I'm sporting, but some of them punish us twice, how can!?)

Jennifer had told me that, there is a not-gentleman-at-all guy who really a nerd or I should say chicken better, pour the water on her twice. Besides that, whenever there is a water game, the guy just either disappear or hide, It is just to avoid to get wet! Shitty.. he is really a chicken man!! After finish the water "war", he will like appear and punish the losing team. OMG!! He is damn chicken...chicken guy is in my class right now, I hate him whenever I saw him at school, and he is also damn buay paiseh one! *more story in other post*
Playing around with Jennifer and Mary!

The last game of the day was water game, which mean we need to go in to the pool and pick up balloon. The game was fun, but then no one was willing to go in to the pool included me, coz it is kind of weird and I've not bring any extra cloth and shoes that day. However, the stupid director of this event, insisted us to go in, so I went in for a moment, simply because after sometimes she asked us to go out of the pool. WTH!? This is kind of stupid you know!! I really damn disappointed on this stupid event, waste my money, time and energy! HATE IT!!!

After those game, we have our tea time. Well, the tea time was so-so, and it cost us damn much to have that tea time. Then, we went back......
On the way to our bus, we are the fastest anyway, and Ivy claimed us as CRAZY GIRLS!! WAHAHA...
On the way back to Melaka.....

PS: I was damn disappointed to this team building. This is not a team building activities, it is a fighting activities! Coz all of them was like taking revenge on other groups, not sporting at all.... =__=


  1. think of those bu shuang part of the attitude then i will feel regret to go~