Friday, August 13, 2010

When In Penang!

Well, I’ve no idea what topic to put as, so “when in Penang” will be a best topic I guess. *evil laugh*

This is not a post which contains a lot of outing photo, but is a post that contains my drawing. My first attempt on drawing, so if there is some weirdo look, please don’t mind ya.
The character in my story. Ting (the short hair girl), Shin (the thousand gold or blink girl), Jennifer (the purple freak or the specky), Bee (the curl hair girl) and me (You know where I am =__=)

The first attempt drawing of our trip in Penang. Kinda weirdo...

Well, this is a story when we in Penang (Bali Hut), I've told you that my Purple-T day was quite unlucky. Now I'm going to describe how bad luck I am.
The Third day, we went to the restaurant which has a small Bali Hut at there. So cute right? (No, I'm saying the place, not my drawing ok??)
We sat in the Bali Hut, and it was so romantic. The lighting all that was perfect, and the food awesome! *nom*
Since everyone was not full, so Jennifer decided to ask us to buy some foods for the second round, and all of us was excited!!
However, things don't goes well here, my shoes had broken!! WTH!? My tomodachi laugh out loud (like insane) and I need to borrow Jennifer's slipper to search for food!! =__=
After the dinner....
We need to walked to our "house", so what I had done was WALK LIKE A AH MA (Old lady)

But then, this is not a good choice for a long walk, so I took my slipper up and walked with my bare foot!! =__=

Everyone was laughing at me (Jennifer record my stupid scene =__=)

PS: This is the first attempt to draw a little fun story of mine! I'll keep it up!! (I guess!?)