Friday, August 6, 2010

Satisfied with my pinky blogskin once again!

Well, did you notice any different from my blog, yea! I've actually changed my blogskin and used the layout which provided by blogspot itself.

I'm actually satisfied with it, however, I'm still thinking how to design my banner right now, any idea people?

Mostly people use their own photo and paste it, but I didn't have a beautiful face and a nice body shape, so what should I do for my banner? *grumpy*

Thus, a little star banner will be my temporary banner! I Love STAR!! Cute.

I've choosen the pinky background as usual, pink will be my always-choosen-colour for my bloggy, so what's wrong if I say I love pinkland so much? It looks so pinkilicious!! WAHAHA...

I've told you guys that I've won a LG Cookies Handphone right? According to Nuffnang , I won a LG Cookies Fresh! Thank Nuffnang for given me such a nice present, now I'm still waiting for my uncle to bring it back to me...Yeah! LG Cookies Fresh!

Oh yeah! I've watched SALT just now, will blog it tomorrow.

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