Sunday, August 8, 2010

Searching for nice food ★

If you are the kerang or cockles lover, you should try this.

This stall was located at Bunga Raya, (Near Madam King) and the placed was quite clean. It changed from a not-clean place to a clean one! Thus, it is safe to have supper or dinner at there.

Yummy Kerang or crocles are served at this place..

I'm going to conquer the cockles dinner here.

It also introduced by Ah Xian - the Astro food introducer. (should I call him as food introducer, sound weird)
Grill Tau gua or BBQ tau gua with some additional stuff. This is so yummy, especially the tau gua ( Dried Tofu), coz their grill the dried tofu instead of fry it! Special and I love it.

Sotong Kangkong. *double thumb up*
It is different from others, it sour and sweet at the same time. Love it.. It is a must to order Sotong Kangkong there. MUST!!!
And the main character- Cockles!! You may choose for over-cooked or mal-cooked type, but I perfer over-cooked!! *yummy*
Their special sauce! Secret recipe for the cockles. It tastes sour and sweet. Love max! Even those who do not like to eat cockles will love it for sure. *seriously*
They supply this little fock for us to dig out the cockles! Cute max!

Everything at there was so cute, even the chairs and tables are cute max! It is pretty small for us..WAHAHA.

They put the Ah Xian face everywhere. (oklah, just 2 photo of him)

Well, if you don't like cockles so much, you may have the second choice, that is fried carrot cake!
This is the best carrot cake for me, not even the always-I-love carrot cake can compete with it!!
See! How yummy is this! I love it....everyone love this rather than the one we always-love carrot cake!

This located right in front of the stall or it is in front of the spec shop! ( I don't know what is the name, sorry)

PS: I highly recommended, please do have a try on it!!

Google map!

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