Wednesday, August 4, 2010

While I went Selangor....

What I’ve done in Subang and Puchong, Selangor for 3 days?

Well, play for sure!
I supposed to work at Pikom PC Fair last Friday until Sunday, but due to my sis graduation I cancel my work plan and headed to Selangor! I’ve never regret to go Selangor, coz according to my friend, Pikom PC Fair was like so tiring (but they have some fun at there, like missing shoes all the places).

I went Selangor not only for my sis graduation, but for my cousin birthday celebration on Saturday night.

Before that, we went sunway to buy my sis piggy present for graduation and my sis meet up with her bf. Later that, we went Subang to have our lunch!
Zi Ma Hu (Sesame soup *I've no idea what it called in english*)

Yum Ba Zhang from Malacca! I love to eat Ba Zhang so much <3

Then we went swimming as usual, (this is a must when I'm in Subang!)
However, we didn't swim much at there, coz of the weather! (RAIN) I hate rain when I want to swim in the pool. T.T Why it rain at that time?

Thus, we got out of the pool, went up to the apartment and bath.

Around 6pm, my 3rd uncle came to Subang, and the whole family went to have dinner together! I love family gathering so much. Our food for the day was just as normal as what we often have in restaurant. (You know one)
Normal yum food!! You always can find these foods in any restaurant. (No special at all)

This fish was so yummy and fresh! Honestly, I love the steam fish rather than tom yam fish!

Well, this is herb chicken with black sauce, I think. The chicken was so tender and it is easy to split into half. However, the saucy was quite salty for me!

I should smaller this photo, coz my face was totally in bad condition! (Pimple all around and I've edited some of it) I hate it coz it will come out whenever I've function or party! *WTH!?*

Camwhore is a must when we are too bored.
We headed back to Subang, and 2rd uncle went secret recipe to take the birthday cake for celebration. While waiting for my bro and 2rd uncle to come back, *again* camwhore with birthday girl is a must for a boring person like us!

I even take photo with the lovely Jun Jie!! WAHAHA....

My little cousins was damn hunger in drawing, both of them was mad cute when they are so serious in drawing.

So what I do was making peace pose behind of him! Mad cute <3 He was damn serious on drawing.

And Jun Jie had promised me that he will draw me for sure.
The END result was....
I'm a monster!

Drawing seems not a good choice for little boys like them, so we created our childhood game for them while we were waiting for my bro to come.
Ok, by showing this, do you people know what is my childhood game or I should say my uncle's childhood game. DO YOU KNOW IT?

Let's me show you peopl a clearer view on it! WAHAHA...(Like I'm having an experience or what!?)
Tang Tang Tang!! This is my childhood game, get a better view right now??
Making an airplane using a paper (recycled). My whole family was crazy on it that day, everyone was like come! I want to do my own airplane, ball or even boat!! How cute is my family...

Around one hour later, my bro finally came to Subang and we start the celebration!
Birthday cake of the day! It is a FAT FREE Cream with peach cake!! OMG! It is so damn yum.. I love it so much...

Happy forwarded birthday, Yi Yi ! Time flies damn fast, I can still remember I've write a post about her birthday party as well. *one year already* o.0

The cousins, where is Jun Jie anyway? I simply love this photo so much... Thought I'm not looking at the camera! =__=

Craving for the cake so much... I'm too hunger for the cake, that's why my face look like this! WTH!?

We are the KEI LE FEI ( non-important person) WAHAHA....
We love camera so much.. <3

Pretend to be the owner of this birthday cake!!
I need to wait another 5 months to go... WTH!? I want a this cake as well!!

 SEE!! This is what I said yummy! Full of peach and juice! OMG!! *yummy*
This is why I want my birthday cake look like this as well....

I really have a lot fun at Selangor with my family, hope to go there again the next time, probably Hari Raya or Christmas. *hope so..*

PS: My aunty had helped me to take my LG Cookies from Nuffnang in Nuffnang Office! I can't wait to see it now!! When my uncle and aunty are going to come back?? I'm waiting......<3

Thank Nuffnang!

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