Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Salt movie doesn't reach my expectation =(

Last Friday, I went for a midnight movie with sis and her friends. We had watched so called the movie of the month- Salt.

At first, I never thought of watching it since I've some financial problem (always), but then after my sis had told that she will treat me for half price, I went for it.

This ain't a nice one actually.

Basically it is just an action movie and Angelina Jolie act as a Russian spy, nothing is special, and the only special is...
Angelina jolie blonde hair turns into black. (ok, I know it is not special as well, because she love black hair that much)

Well, this movie was really disappointed me, coz the first thought of this movie was like there will be many action and "gan cheong" scene in the movie. It has action movie where Angeline Jolie run up and down, fighting and even jump from car scene, but it ain't satisfied me! sorry for the producer of this movie.

Well, another special thing about this movie is..
Angeline Jolie is damn cool in this movie!! I love the way she act cool...
Even when she got caught by the policeman, she was cool!!

I don’t doubt on Angelina Jolie acting, but the movie just doesn’t reach my expectation. *disappointed*

PS: Some short update to make my blog alive! WAHAHA....


  1. i love Angelina Jolie but Salt is pretty disappointing to me , its so boring i nearly fell asleep lol

  2. ya..it's true..i nearly fell asleep too..disappointed..hope her next movie will be better...