Tuesday, August 31, 2010



Every Malaysian bloggers seems to blog this today (probably yesterday), so I do not want to be outdated and blog it now.

Happy 53th birthday to Malaysia

It sounds like nothing to me, but it means a lot to Malaysia!

From 1957 until now, Malaysia had through 53 years of “upgrading” and now twin tower, KL tower and many things had brought up, but still racist is along the way, don’t you think so?

Racist is a big problem for our country, but I don’t blame coz Malaysia is a diversity country; most probably have this kind of problem.

ONE MALAYSIA- the new slogan this year!!

I think sometimes slogan should be acting it and not just say it, right?

Still, I want to say Happy 53th Birthday Malaysia and Happy holiday to all of the Malaysian (It seems too late for me to say it -_-)

PS: Well, I’ve nothing much to blog about this topic actually, just wanted to show you guy the cake that baked by mommy, but sadly my fresh doesn’t have any USB wire (rather weird).


  1. Happy Merdeka to you! I didnt blog about Merdeka..maybe i should ^^

  2. ya...maybe you should..hahah...coz i c alot of bloggers blog about that..haha