Friday, September 3, 2010

Hang out with Tomodachi

On Monday, we meet up with Bee Yoke for brunch, (since she came for holidays) it been so long we didn’t have the chance to hang out. Tomodachi is combined except for Ting and Shin were not joining us that day.

We have our brunch at “Xin Da Lu” restaurant for Xiao Long pau (I’ve craved that for weeks)

"Xin Da Lu" restaurant at Melaka Raya! This restaurant mostly sell Taiwan style food, you may have some try on it. It is yummilicious.
The Menu
There have english name, Good Village Noodle House! SO cute lah
Their menu on the wall as well.

The only I dislike about this shop is that they gave me a normal white soya, and yet  it called the soya as black soya! -_- 

Their "zha jiang" mee, or sauces mee. (something like that, not really sure about it) The mee tastes great yet normal.
They also provided a soup with the mee.

Prawn dumpling.

I super in love with this prawn dumpling, it tastes sweet and fresh at the same time. It is damn yummilicious.

Xiao Long Pau. This is yummy as well, coz of the soup inside the pau. I love love love it so much. I want to try it the next time, can?

Jennifer was busying with her camera.
Bee yoke too, and I'm busying capture their look. -__-
Camwhore with Bee Yoke, long time didn't see her, miss her as well as Ting. T.T
This is the way I ate the Zha Jiang Mee! WAHAHA... (I'm just pretending ok?)
And this is Jennifer way of eating the Zha Jiang Mee. (with the BIG soup -__-)
Camwhore together. Why Bee Yoke cam so good quality one, not like mine. -_-
After this, we went Dataran Pahlawan for fun. Three of us went to a fruit stall and get some fruit from there.
Many fruits waiting for us to choose. I'm wondering whether it is fresh or not.

I choose Papaya ( I was so addicted to Papaya these days) and Jennifer and Bee choose the mix fruits which are cheat one coz most of the fruit was APPLE! -_-
They got cheat by the stall. *sigh*

They are happy with their mixed fruits anyway.
and I'm happy with mine as well. Love papaya...Please called me as Papaya princess. *thick face*

They sell lots of fruits which are damn cheap, espeically for the cherry tomatoes. 3 for only RM 10.00

Both of them was so serious checking on the price.

We went Night Market after Dataran pahlawan.

Jennifer had introduced us all sort of yummilicious food along the way, and of coz I bought some of the food too. <3 <3 <3
The food I had bought from Night Market. Rather a large portion!

Curry puff from Baba charlie and I love it.
Kuih Bongkong from Baba Charlie as well. (introduced by Jennifer) Sorry to say that I dislike it, coz it tastes weird for me.
I've no idea what is this, but it taste heavenly. Thank for the intro Jennifer. I love it and I'm going to buy it the next time for sure.

Last but not least, this is also a fantastic food introduced by Jennifer, why on earth I didn't try it before. It taste so good. I should have some try on new stuff next time.

PS: This might be the last post for this month coz my final exam is around the corner, so I'm not going to update anything on it. stay tuned for Oct...Toodle.

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