Monday, August 31, 2009



Today is Malaysia independent day, so I would like to wish Malaysia Happy 52th birthday and thank you Malaysia!! This is simply because BIG APPLE DONAT & COFFEE shop had a discount of 52% due to Malaysia 52th independent day, I am so happy when I saw it in the newspaper and my uncle had made a promise to bring us to eat BIG APPLE DONAT this afternoon. Therefore, we went Dataran Pahlawan about 12.30pm; find the shop about half an hour. When we reached there, there was nobody queuing up, nothing!! And we happening to doubt about the discount stuff, but after we had queued up, many people on track to queue up too. Should I say we are the leader? Leader that brought all the customer in. *evil laugh* aunt help us to pick some cute and sweet Donat for our lunch, that was really good. Before we went back home, uncle stop somewhere near Yok Bin secondary school to have some chicken rice for my lovely cousins, they are so cute, love them so much. Whenever, my lovely cousin, Jun Jie wanted to require something new, he will look at his mom and make many reason to buy that thing. It seem like he scare his mom so much. So, he had made a funny reason to buy the cute balloon which sold at the roadside today, the reason was….
He doesn’t want a balloon which can fly around. This reason was rather funny right? However, he got his favorite balloon also.

*due to my ugliness, I had edited this photo*
With my lovely cousin, Jun Shen..
Agrh!!! AGAIN~~
I look so dark….
I think I need to have some whitening product to make my face look fairer. Good idea har.
See!! How cute is he...say hi to the camera some more...cute~~
He is so fair, made me looks so dark… *sob sob*
Uncle still playing the kakura game, so funny....

His present from my cousin, shin yee and shin hui...he love that so much!! He asked me to captured this photo, that was cute....*but where your face my dear*

Later on, we went back home and enjoy our lunch, yummy. And my ah yi(aunt) also join us for our lunch, she brought many foods too. It looks like we were having a lunch party at my house, this feel so good. I like the feeling so much, enjoy food with my lovely family, that great!! No kidding!! We were chit-chatting, make fun of my lovely cousin, ask him some funny question, laughing. Besides that, we also enjoy our meal. Great great great!!!

As usual, we finished all the food and they are rushing back to their home in KL, my bro too. Thus, they packed all the things and went back to their sweet home….

I hope they will come back again….
PS: Pity sis had went back to Klang, so she never join us...sis you miss a lot la..*laughing*

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