Monday, August 17, 2009

An awful news~

I had just received an awful news from one of my friend, which was really shocking. My secondary English teacher which had taught me from form 1 until form 3 had passed away today. I was totally surprise when I heard this news, thought I knew that he had a nose cancer since last year. However, he was too late to know about it. When he knew it, it was in the last stage which was very late to cure anymore, and he was suffering about one year. No kidding, is one year, people! That was really sad for his family..

What a surprise news for me, a teacher had taught me for 3 years had passed away in a sudden. A life can be so easily gone like that, which was very awful. Nobody had thought that this teacher will pass away so quickly, although we knew that he had cancer. But life is like that, am I right? Nothing can be under control by us; it just will happen when it was happened. Therefore, don’t ever waste any moment of life for some stupid stuff, move forward and not backward….

Anyway, Mr. Tan, Rest In Peace……

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