Wednesday, August 26, 2009

FUN Hot Spring =)

I finally gone to Hot Spring today, this is so fun, fun, fun. Before going to Aunty Lucy’s house, I still doubted about the Hot Spring plan, indeed they are the one who had cancelled this plan yesterday. However, this plan had confirmed today, I am totally exciting since I have never been to Hot Spring before.

After reaching Aunty Lucy’s house, we were watching television and eating instead of changing our cloth. All of us seem like not ready for the Hot Spring, which was weird. About 7.15pm, we started to prepare ourselves and embark at 7.30pm. The Hot Spring was located at Bemban which means we need to travel all over to Bemban for the Hot Spring, rather tired. Nonetheless, our excitement had made us happy rather than tired. We reached the Hot Spring about 8.15pm, this really a long distance travelling, feel dizzy when reaches there.

While paying all the stuff, I was taking the chance to capture some of the Hot Spring photo, it is so beautiful. I love it so much. =) They were preparing to go in to the Hot Spring pool, don't be scare everyone~~
Just go in, my dears...*evil laugh*
When we went in the Hot Spring place, we find a place to settle our stuff and went into the Hot Spring pool. Before went into the Hot Spring pool, there are some instruction to follow such as wash feet before go into the pool and do not eat inside the pool, rather annoying right? But this is for hygienic purposes, so good for us too. When I first step into the Hot Spring pool, the very first feeling was HOT HOT HOT!!! Can you imagine if you are in a 42 Celsius Hot Spring pool? This is way too hot. However, as you balance the water with your body temperature, you will feel very relax and all the bacteria in your body will DIE!! Cool! All of the dead skin, white spot were disappear as you dip into the Hot Spring pool. Woo! I will be so healthy after dipping myself inside the Hot Spring pool, Yahoo~
Besides Hot Spring pool, there also have COLD pool for children to play with, the cold pool was totally COLD, but in my opinion it is better for you to go Hot Spring than Cold pool, because Hot Spring feel more relax. Seriously!

With Sandra in the Hot Spring Pool, cool~~
But due to my lousy handphone camera, all of the photo had became BLUR....*sigh*
What to do, no money to buy a new handphone. *sob!*

After relaxing in the Hot Spring pool, we prepared ourselves for dinner! Oh yeah, Sandra’s dad had brought us to a Mamat stall for our dinner, the special thing for this Mamat stall was the cook. She was a Pakistan woman. Their food was marvelous, though this shop is just a Mamat stall. =P

We went back home later on, today was a wonderful night for me. The very first time went to Hot Spring was a memorable day for me. Rather happy~~

PS: Due to my lousy handphone camera, my photo had became BLUR~ please don't mind ya.

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