Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I hate Robbery!!


My phone rang, a call from Shi Ting, my neighbor. Then I picked up the phone, she was very nervous and yelled at the phone that our neighbor house had been robbed by robbery. I was extremely sleepy at that time, once listen to what she had told me, immediately I jump down from my lovely bed and closed the entire door at my house. I locked the entire door with a scary look; my dog was looking at me curiously, I think he might think that I am kinda insane, but anyway it is for my safety, Nicky boy. By the way, this is not the first time the robbery went into our neighbor house, OMG!! Last week, some robberies had tried to go into her house but unfortunately, some of the neighbor had saw them and yelled at them, they was afraid of it , so had run away. However, this time they had successed….feel scare now!

Later on, I messaged Shi Ting to ask her what is situation after the incident. She was describing the moment her mom picked up a call from that neighbor, she saw two people had came out from the house and they had actually went to a car which is Gen2, the car was dark purple and it speed up very fast. Besides that, they was smart, they cover the car plate so that nobody had seen it! Pretty smart har. However, our neighbor uncle had heard some weird sound through the car, good job uncle!


Received a message from Shi Ting again, she had told me that the policeman still investigate at the particular neighbor house; they are going to find finger print in her house and they had found that some money and gold had been stolen. But luckily the laptop doesn’t steal by them. Hope the police catch all the robbery in our Taman…

There are many cases happened in our Taman, it is rather scary…

Hope no robbery come into our Taman anymore…
PS: H1N1 has getting worst and worst; the number of death has increases to 38 peoples. Overall people had got H1N1 is 2253….OMG I am scare!!!
Therefore, wear mask people!!

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