Saturday, August 15, 2009


Hey, people!


My mid-term exam had gone by the wind, I am totally sad!! Why I always forget what I had read before?? I really don’t get it. It is rather sad; I can’t answer some of the question because I had forgotten what I had read. It is rather weird right? Okay, I admit that my memorizing skill was bad, I can’t memorize things very fast, and it is a bad thing for me! *Sigh* besides that, it’s also due to my last minutes attitude, I will proper it, I promise...


But anyway, today is my friend, Shi Ting big day! She had turned 19 today, it’s today! Happy birthday to you! *sigh again* however, today is my busy and bad day, this is because I have failed to answer some of the question for my mid-term and today is the due date for our assignment, rather busy these days. As a result, Shi Ting birthday equal to my bad day *laughing*. Don’t angry ya, Shi Ting. *evil laugh*


PS: nothing special happened these two days, *sigh* I just went to school, came back from school and study….that’s all. Rather lame har...**evil laugh**


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