Saturday, August 29, 2009

Truth or dare?? =)

Rather pity How keong, this is simply because he is the only guy among us.

Just now, I went Mori cafe to have some tea with a bunch of good friends. It’s been so long for us to gather around. As usual, we were ordered some drinks and foods before our sampated chat and tease around. I really having fun with them since I have never seen them for about one month, I think. This is rather long for me.

After all of them had finished up their food, Shi ting came out with an idea, that is play “wu gui” (tortoise) with card, and who had lose the game need to play truth or dare. This is rather a good idea for us to “dig” out some secret from others especially those who had changed their status to in relationship. It’s so fun!

I am the third person to be a tortoise which means I NEED TO CHOOSE A CARD FOR THE TRUTH OR DARE. I was so unlucky that I had chosen DARE for my destiny! Ish....ish….I wanted to change but it is too late, so I just followed what they had requested. My part was, smack the table loudly while yelling I am “wu gui”, this is rather embarrassing; simply because there are lots of MMU student. *sob sob*
*copy from Jennifer*
Hope you don't mind ya.....

However, now I think I am the luckiest among my friend had chosen DARE, this is because my friend need to take photo with the guy singing on the stage, and she did it! Bravo. She is way to brave to do that, I salute to you!! *evil laugh*

This is my friend and the "singer". *laughing*

After paying the money, Shi Ting again had suggested a pretty fun game. That is clap hand and wend off directly after the “singer” had sang finish the song, and we did it! However, the guy which my friend had captured photo with had stopped us and he said that he is going to sing a song especially for us. But we just ignored him and went off. *laughing* I know that was impolite, but what to do? We were rushing home. Sorry ya! *evil laugh*

That was really fun, we had planned to have another gathering tomorrow, hope no postponement for it.

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