Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A great party =]

I have a super great party today in Aunty Lucy’s house. It’s rather fun. At first, they were invited us to go for Hot Spring tonight, but unfortunately their plan was spoiled by a bunch of people who came late for the party. Which means the plan was CANCEL. No Hot Spring tonight. Rather sad to hear this news, but what to do, Sandra’s dad is the only one who knows the place. As a result, we were having party in her house. With the band and singers, the atmosphere were totally different from other formal party, one word to describe this party, COOL. However, there are many foreigner had been invited to this party, because they are the singer and also the band. It’s rather weird. I am scare of them, they look so weird. *shivering* but anyway, their voice was good and the way they are enjoying was different from us. Seriously…=P
The band and singer on the stage..they were singing, drinking, laughing, making fun and teasing around. rather fun har..But they were all drunk after drinking too much of alcohol. (children do not learn it, seriously...)
Mommy taking food from the BBQ station. Cool right?
Lydia: mom, don't forget to take some for me, thank ya. *evil laugh*
I am the BBQ master!! Call me Master Kang, thank you..*laughing* I will serve you delicious, tasty and mouth-watering BBQ Chicken ever.
Having some photo with the funniest Sandra. She is so hilarious. While we were capturing our photo, she keep doing funny stuff infront of the camera, funny~
Now is my turn to "sampat", trying to KISS Sandra while she was dancing. Opps! one centimeter to go, I will try another time..Don’t shy shy, Sandra. *evil laugh*
AGAIN~Sandra is posing some funny pose, she really way too funny...and I am eating watermelon for my dessert. Sweet~~
Both of us with Ghost expression, scary right? *evil laugh* Sandra, you had made a wrong expression la wei. Actually we are suppose to act ghost expression but she had made a shock expression. So funny la wei!!
PS: Tomorrow we will go Hot Spring "again".....I am totally happy since I never been to Hot Spring before. Hope that tomorrow won't be cancel again...

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