Wednesday, August 5, 2009


( I never captured any haze photo, so google one)

Now my house is surrounded by scary haze,
I saw misty environment outside of my house, rather frightening

First, I thought there are people open burning around our house. However, my thought was totally wrong, it wasn’t them. This haze is caused by the open burning of forest in Indonesia (I think) as usual. I hate it so much! It limited my eyes vision and makes me cough like hell. I can see nothing just some short-distance object, hate it!

I need a brighter vision, I need fresh air, and I need everything! However, now I need a mask!!

Just now, my mom and I headed to Jusco to buy some stuff for my ptptn things and mask of course. When we reached there, few people were there and some of them are wearing mask! No kidding. After buying my stuff, mom asked me to accompany her to buy mask, so we went guardian to buy it. Unfortunately, there are out of stock. OMG! I think I need to try to buy it tomorrow…*sob sob!*

Hope tomorrow the haze will be fine…

Hope my cough will be fine too….
Hope I have this kind of environment, blue sky, green grass, fresh air, fresh water, no pollution, no virus...
How good if we have this kind of environment, right?

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